More than 20 people still remain missing Thursday following the Costa Concordia disaster. Rescuers have been told to work quickly in their search for any remaining survivors as Italian Navy experts blow holes in the ship to gain better access to the interior of the boat.

The search for survivors is difficult and depends heavily on weather conditions. The pursuit was suspended Wednesday when the cruise liner shifted position.

Italian authorities have confirmed a total of 11 people as dead, including Peruvian crew member Thomas Alberto Costilla Mendoza; Italian passenger Giovanni Masia; and French passengers Francis Servil, 71, and Jean-Pierre Micheaud, 61. Two other French nationals and a Spanish passenger were identified earlier in the day.

The rescuers have had some success in their efforts to find remaining passengers on the ship. A South Korean couple was miraculously rescued from the cruise ship Sunday. The 29-year-old pair was on their honeymoon when the Costa Concordia crashed. The Associated Press reports the couple was stranded in a cabin two decks below rescuers on the half-submerged ship.

The cabins were checked out one by one ... when we arrived at the stern we called out hoping someone might reply. Which was the case, fire service chief Fabio Bargagna told the AP.

Others have not been as lucky in the disaster as the official missing persons list still includes 21 missing passengers and three missing crew members. Among the missing passengers, 12 are German nationals, two are French, five are Italian and two are American. The missing crew members include Indian, Russel Rebello, Peruvian, Erika Fani Soriamolina, and Italian, Giuseppe Girolamo.

The Costa Concordia cruise began sinking late Friday when the captain, Francesco Schettino, steered the ship off course and into the ground near the coast of Giglio. The ship capsized, but the Italian Coast Guard successfully rescued 4,200 passengers and crew members.