Courtney Love has explained -- like only Courtney Love can -- why she flipped out onstage at a Hole concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, earlier this week.

As IBTimes previously reported, Love lashed out at an audience member who was presumably holding up some kind of image of Kurt Cobain while Hole was performing. Temporary mayhem ensued, Courtney stormed off stage, people chanted the Foo Fighters are Gay, Courtney came back and slammed Dave Grohl.

I don't care what you listen to at home, but if a guy takes money off my kid's table, f--k him.

Backstage, Love attempted to explain herself to a reporter, who appears to work for a Brazilian television station.

That little Foo Fighters moment in there? It's because two things happened tonight. This usually happens...somebody holds up a Kurt T-shirt. I think it's a compliment, Courtney said, and followed with a non-sequitur about writing a song about him. I don't need to see his face, she said.

People come up to me and say, 'I love Nirvana.' I wasn't in Nirvana. However, I do own Nirvana, with my daughter. Then she got into Grohl's apparent access to the Nirvana fortune.

Dave makes five miillion dollars a show. He doesn't need the money. His mother's a banker, his father's a stockbroker...He can afford shit.

Why the f--k, then, does he have a Nirvana, Inc. credit card and I don't, and last week he bought an Aston Martin on it. [IBTimes has not confirmed this].

My sister-in-law is homeless, she lives under the bridge that Kurt sang about. It pisses me off that my mother-in-law- doesn't have a front door in the...winter, her boiler doesn't work and...she has black mold, and Dave bought an Aston Martin last week

Cause Dave knows that I know that he knows that I know that he f--king knows that I know.

He didn write one f--king note...Kurt owns 100% of that publishing.

Forget me, I make tons of money -- my daughter and my mother-in-law Kim Cobain, Wendy Cobain and [Kurt's half-sister] Brianne Cobain is what I care about. You understand? So f--k Dave. That's all.

Love and Grohl have publicly disputed for several years over the distribution of Nirvana royalties. Love has previously said that Cobain amended his will to remove Grohl as a member of Nirvana.

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