Teenage bride Courtney Stodden admits that she sometimes calls her 51-year-old husband “dad.”

When Dr. Jenn Burman from “Couples Therapy” appeared on "Access Hollywood" with Courtney Stodden and “Green Mile” actor Doug Hutchison on Monday, Dr. Jenn (as she is known) told the hosts of the show that their marriage is real.

Many have felt that the relationship between the actor and the 18-year-old celebrity was just a publicity stunt considering the 33-year age gap.

When asked by “Access Hollywood” what the two could possibly have in common, the teenager replied that they are “organic” soulmates who “live life to the fullest.” Now the couple even has the blessing of their TV therapist.

Dr. Jenn explained that the couple's biggest problem is not the fact that they are more than 30 years apart, nor that Stodden sometimes calls her husband Dad, nor that her brain has not fully developed yet nor her body, and not even the fact that Stodden doesn’t seem to have any friends her own age to talk to and confide in; Dr. Jenn said the main problem in their marriage is the fact that Hutchison lost everything when they married and now the two are basically stuck together because they have no one else.

Billy Bush, one of the “Access Hollywood” hosts, seemed to be really offended when Hutchison revealed that he met Stodden online, telling the actor that pedophiles do that.

Bush also tried to tell Stodden that getting married at such a young age isn’t justified because one is love and used his 14-year-old daughter as an example.

However, Stodden doesn’t believe that she is on the same level as other people her age, telling Bush that she is an "old soul" and therefore could never fall in love with someone her own age.

Both Stodden and Hutchison defend their marriage by noting that successful couples like Bo and John Derek and Celine Dio and Rene Angelil had similar age differences.