Teen bride Courtney Stodden, who stars on the show "Couples Therapy," is still attempting to build a career off of her voluptuous body. But after announcing in the wake of her 18th birthday that she would be thrilled to get an offer from Playboy, she now wants the world to know that her curves are all real.

The mature-looking teenager, who has been accused of being an “artificial,” “fame whore” for her raunchy tweets and self-portraits, first grabbed headlines at age 16 when she married “Lost” actor Doug Hutchinson. Hutchinson, who Stodden describes as her “soulmate,” is 34 years her senior.

But despite wearing makeup that ages her substantially, Stodden has fervently denied rumors that she has had cosmetic surgery. Now, for the second time in her young life, Stodden has voluntarily undergone a physical examination to prove she has not gone under the knife.

“People are saying everything from I’ve had a nose job, my lips done, cheek implants — everything,” Stodden told Marc Mani, the Los Angeles plastic surgeon who conducted the examination.

“I am going to feel your cheeks and see if I can feel (anything),” Mani told Stodden, in the exclusive special filmed for Celebuzz. “Your cheeks feel soft and normal. The other way I can tell when people have had cheek implants is their smile; their smile is kind of weird.”

“Give me a big smile,” Mani instructed Stodden. “I can tell you haven’t just by the way of your smile. There is muscle here which elevates the cheek and it is moving normally.”

After finishing the examination, Mani said, “I have looked at all the areas which would tell if you have had plastic surgery. It is clear to me, as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, that Courtney has not had any plastic surgery.”

After the examination had been concluded, Courtney tweeted out the story to her Twitter followers, writing “Have I ever had plastic surgery? The verdict is in.”

The filmed evaluation was the second for Stodden, who previously underwent a similar assessment during an appearance on “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers,” to prove that her breasts were real. Although doctors found an unidentifiable “round object” in Stodden’s breast during an ultrasound, after much protestation from Stodden they eventually concluded that she had not gotten plastic surgery.