WASHINGTON -- Sometimes conservatives just need to talk about sex earlier.

At least that's what professionial pickup artist and dating coach Wayne Juggler Elise thinks is part of the solution.

The dating expert appeared at a Conservative Political Action Committee conference discussion featuring a throng of anxious reporters looking for a good quote, but conservatives looking for actual dating help were few and far between.

Elise thinks conservatives don't bring up sex as early as they should and it often relegates them to the friend zone.

Most people fall into the category of not being sexual enough, Elise said. You don't want to be sleazy. But saying I was just thinking how sexy it would be to kiss you -- you can say that, it's cool.

Elise rambled on for more than an hour about various dating tips for conservatives looking for love. Some of his tips included: be clear with what you want; don't ask questions, just make statements; don't just go up to a hot girl in a bar, go up to other friendlier people first; and remember that showing courage is incredibly sexy.

One of the important things, according to Elise, is for people to realize that not every aspect of their life has to be conservative.

A lot of times people that are conservative feel they have to be conservative in their dating style, he said. It's okay to be a little wacky. If people don't like you because you're a little wacky, you don't want to date them anyway.

Think fun, romance, sensuality.

One way to show a fun side of your dating life could be taking a Polaroid camera and sharing a walk through Soho in New York. One attendee suggested taking a woman to a gun range, which drew some emphatic agreement from men and audible uhh-huhs from the few women in the audience.

The demographics of the breakout session heavily skewed to men and most of the few women in attendance were press. Elise did his best to alienate the women in attendance by mentioning that women are almost solely interested in a man's looks.

Most girls when they meet a guy they are like he's so attractive he'd have to do something really stupid for me to not like him, he said.

But a few young, unaffiliated women stumbled upon the bizarre session to find out what it was all about.

Susan Eckstein, 20, and Krista Ordenam, 21, traveled to CPAC 2012 from the University of Minnesota and were interested in some tips Elise might have on dating.

Both are single and conservative, but didn't exactly gain a lot from Elise's thoughts on conservative dating - especially the encouragement to bring up sex earlier. The two well-spoken young ladies stated that the biggest thing for them was a person's values, which is why a long-term commitment to a liberal was ruled out.

I would go out on a date with a liberal, but wouldn't date one long term, Eckstein said.

She added that the two most important things she looked for in a man were looks and then conservative values. But where exactly are these attractive, politically conservative men hanging out?

Church was suggested as one option, but Ordenam admitted that hasn't always worked out. One of the best possible spots, especially for those still in college, is through the university's College Republican groups.

The good thing for these two young women is that CPAC 2012 is filled to the brim with young conservative males. The conservative conference is known for its youngest attendees hitting local bars hard -- one journalist has even referred to it as the Mardi Gras of the Right.

Whether any young male will try out Elise's pointers during the conference is unknown, but at the very least the breakout session provided humor for journalists bogged down by all of the craziness of CPAC.