Tom Hiddleston will play the role of Sir Thomas Sharpe in Guillermo del Toro’s “Crimson Peak.” During the shoot of the film in Toronto, the actor spoke about the film to Steve Weintraub of Collider. The actor praised del Toro and revealed that he said yes to the film within 72 hours of receiving the script.

“I mean, that probably isn’t a secret from everyone else who’s ever worked with him but he’s like this great Mexican bear of passion and warmth. He is just so inspiring, he loves his job and, I think, as a working experience and collaboration he’s one of the most inspired and inspiring people I’ve ever worked with,” Hiddleston said of del Toro. He added that del Toro has in depth knowledge about everything and is full of enthusiasm.

Hiddleston said he always wanted to work with del Toro and the brilliant “Crimson Peak” screenplay lured him to the film. Moreover, the cast also propelled his decision. “I knew that Jessica [Chastain] and Mia [Wasikowska] and Charlie [Hunnam] were locked in and on board; and I love Mia and I know Jessica from before and I wanted to work with Charlie, so there was just no possible way I was going to say ‘no’,” he added.

“Crimson Peak” is a drama about a young author, Edith Cushing, played by Wasikowska, who learns that her husband, Sharpe (Hiddleston), is not what he appears to be. The film is set in 19th century England and takes place in a crumbling rural mansion.

Hunnam will play Dr. Alan McMichael and Chastain will play Lady Lucille Sharpe. The film is scheduled to open Oct. 16. Principal photography took place in Pinewood Toronto Studios.

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