Amateur video taken while the Costa Concordia cruise ship was sinking shows a chaotic scene where crew members tell passengers in life vests to return to their cabins.

With captain Francesco Schettino allegedly not leading the evacuation efforts, the crew seems disorganized but stoic as they explain to a group of cruisers that everything is under control.

Everything will be fine. If you want to stand here, it's fine, a crew member tells passengers in Italian.

But I'm kindly asking you to go back to your rooms, where you'll be seated and tranquil. Everything is under control.

The video appeared on Italian television on Friday, one week after the Concordia ran aground near the island of Giglio off the western coast of Tuscany. The ship lost power as water began to flow into a large gash in the ship's hull and caused it to tilt to one side. A total of 4,200 people including passengers and crew had to be evacuated from the ship in the middle of the night, while Schettino was already on shore.

Eleven people were killed and 21 are still missing, and the delay in getting people off the ship could have exacerbated the loss of lives.

Each new detail about the Concordia's sinking has increased the absurdity and tragedy of the story -- details such as the captain allegedly ordering dinner while the ship when down, him entertaining a mysterious young woman, his story that he tripped into a lifeboat, and a report that the Titanic theme song My Heart Will Go On played in the dining room when the boat hit a rock.

On Friday, rescue divers again halted the search for missing passengers due to choppy waters. Rough seas have caused the Concordia to move in the water, and officials fear that the boat could either slip deeper into the ocean or be punctured, potentially sending 500,000 gallons of fuel into the water.

Schettino is currently under house arrest in Naples. He has been charged with multiple counts of manslaughter as well as abandoning his ship.

A live stream of the sinking ship is available here.

Euronews has the cabin video in English:

In Italian: