CBS confirmed that one of its most popular shows is finally ending after 15 long seasons. “CSI” has been canceled by the network, but will have a special two-hour finale event that will bring back some key cast members.

According to E! Online, after more than 300 episodes of the hit drama, the network is finally ready to bring things to a natural conclusion. Despite being one of Nielsen’s highest-rated programs for 12 seasons, the show has slipped in recent years prompting the network to finally lay it to rest. Season 15, which wrapped filming in February, will be the last episodic season for the show. However, it will go out with a respectful movie-length finale event.

CBS President Nina Tassler said the network considered many options for the show but ultimately concluded that the original “CSI” couldn’t exist in the same lineup as the upcoming spinoff “CSI: Cyber,” according to Deadline.

To top off the excitement, original cast members Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) will return to the series.  Petersen was the tent pole character for the original run of the show, which has since spawned three spinoffs, before exiting as a regular in Season 9. In the time since, he’s made a handful of guest appearances, but nothing too substantial.

Meanwhile, Helgenberger stayed on with the show through Season 12. She was the last original cast member to stay on with the series. She reprised her role once more for the 300th episode of “CSI,” but hasn’t been around since. Still the actress took to Twitter to express her excitement to return to the world of crime scene investigating.

While it’s sad to see the old gang at “CSI” go, one character’s future remains within the CSI universe. Ted Danson’s character, D.B. Russell, will pivot from this show to the new “CSI: Cyber.” Danson will join co-star Patricia Arquette as a series regular. The hope is that his presence will bring some of the show’s audience over to the struggling “Cyber,” which had a rocky first season and was already expected to undergo creative tweaks going into Season 2, according to Deadline.

The finale to "CSI" will air Sept. 27 on CBS.