Below is a gallery of cute babies pictures (both humans and animals) from around the world.  The following are some of the photos included.

-A baby yawns while getting a haircut at a barbershop in China

-A baby is baptized during a mass baptism ceremony in a Georgian Orthodox church

-Piglets play on a snow covered field in Swiss town

-A researcher dressed in a panda costume puts a panda cub into a box before its physical examination at a conservation center

-Member of the European Parliament Ronzulli of Italy holds her baby during a voting session at the European Parliament

-A baby holds an Egyptian flag at Tahrir Square in Cairo

-5 babies at a maternity ward at Munich hospital

-A baby in Berlin born on on January 1 at 11:11 AM

-Turkey hen chicks stand in enclosure at Internationale Gruene Woche fair in Berlin