Cyber attackers are targeting the hype over Apple's WWDC to launch new phishing scams announcing the iPhone 5G, sending e-mails claiming to be from Apple.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with security vendor Sophos, alerts the users in his blog to be cautious about iPhone 5-related phishing e-mails.

The email that claims to have come from, reads: Finally. The amazing iPhone 5. Now available in black edition. Introducing the iPhone that lets you do more than ever. And do it amazingly faster. Launch and switch between applications quickly. Bigger display, transparent mode, better cloud integration. Shoot, edit, and share video like never before. Slimmer, faster and sleeker. Discover many more features that make iPhone 5G S the best iPhone yet.

By clicking on the links inside the email, you could infect your Windows Operating System with the Trojan, though your iPhone or Apple Mac remains unaffected, writes Cluely.

With the announcement of the iPhone 5, Cluely warns the users, Hackers are used to tempting victims with shiny gifts, and says that any real information about new Apple products would be featured on Apple's Website rather than broadcast via e-mail.