Financial reform may fail to avert another Lehman

The collapse of Lehman Brothers a year ago has been likened to the 1994 crash that killed Formula One star Ayrton Senna, in the way it has spurred calls for root-and-branch review of risk in the financial sector. Read Full Article here.

GM to unveil Opel decision

General Motors was set to end months of suspense over the fate of its Opel unit on Thursday and announce whether it plans to sell the European carmaker to one of two rival bidders. Read Full Article here.

Google defends book deal as competitive, helpful

Google's deal to digitize millions of books opens the way for others to enter the online book business, the company's chief legal officer said in testimony prepared for a congressional hearing on Thursday. Read Full Article here.

U.S. recession ends, jobless outlook bleak: survey

The U.S. employment picture will stay bleak well into next year long after the recession ends, but the worst of the labor market crisis is over, top private economists said on Thursday. Read Full Article here.

Court orders UBS to post $35 million bond in fraud case

A Connecticut court ordered UBS to pledge assets or post a $35 million bond after finding probable cause that the bank committed securities fraud in a deal with Pursuit Partners, the hedge fund's lawyers said on Wednesday. Read Full Article here.

Madoff's victims face uphill fight against SEC

Victims of Bernard Madoff must surmount laws that shield federal workers and agencies from liability if they want to sue regulators and their staffers for not stopping Madoff years before he confessed to a $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Read Full Article here.

OPEC holds output steady, looks to economy

OPEC early on Thursday agreed to hold output targets steady after top exporter Saudi Arabia looked to economic strength to bolster the oil price and dismissed bulging inventories. Read Full Article here.