One day after facing criticism for a controversial tweet regarding Monday's Supreme Court decision on abortion regulations, "The Daily Show" took a closer look at the case.

On Tuesday's episode of Comedy Central's “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah broke down the Supreme Court’s landmark abortions rights decision, which struck down key parts of a 2013 Texas law regulating abortion clinics. The court determined the Texas law posed an undue burden on women exercising their constitutional right to an abortion. Noah praised the decision, siding with pro-choice advocates in the case, many of whom had been irked on Monday by a potentially insensitive tweet from Noah's show in reaction to the ruling. 

"This is such great news out of the Supreme Court," Noah said Tuesday. "Don't forget, Texas was pioneering a scheme to get rid of abortion clinics by unfairly regulating them out of business, and it was working." 

Noah broke down the many Texas regulations which the court had deemed unconstitutional, including requiring abortion clinics to meet many of the same surgical standards as hospitals — even the janitorial closets. The regulations were passed in the name of women's health, but pro-choice advocates argued that Texas' rationale was used to mask a desire to restrict access to abortions.

"The Texas law also said the only doctors allowed to perform the surgeries are Doctor Doom, Dr. Who and Dr. Pepper, and all clinics had to have a hedge maze in front that patients had to complete in order to find the entrance," Noah joked. "Oh, and no abortions for people who are women. Everyone else is fine."

While Noah stood alongside pro-choice advocates in support of the court's ruling Tuesday, he drew ire Monday for a controversial tweet sent out by "The Daily Show" telling Texans to "go knock someone up" to celebrate the ruling. The show was accused of being insensitive to the delicate issue.

"The Daily Show" responded on Twitter later that day, apologizing for the original tweet and assuring fans that it was not promoting abortions. Perhaps the show's Tuesday segment will help smooth things over.