AT&T says had no role in iPhone Google app rejection

AT&T Inc, the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, on Friday said it played no role in a decision by Apple Inc to reject Google Inc's voice application on the popular handset. Read Full Article here.

Macs not super desirable among students this year

A majority of college-bound students getting reading for the coming school semester are a preferring to steer away from Mac laptops, a new study reveals. Instead, students are leaning toward affordable netbooks from a variety of manufacturers, according to Retrevo, a consumer electronics website, that conducted the study. Read Full Article here.

China Mobile keen on deals with Taiwan firms

China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier, aims to sign a series of deals with key Taiwanese firms this week, helping them gain access into China's rapidly growing telecoms market. Read Full Article here.

News Corp eyes online news consortium: report

In an effort to combat falling advertising revenue, News Corp executives have been proposing the formation of a consortium with other publishers to charge for news distributed on the Internet and on portable devices, the Los Angeles Times reported on its website. Read Full Article here.