“Dallas” is back Monday night. After a four month mid-season break, the TNT revived drama will return for the final episodes of Season 3 on Aug. 18, at 9 p.m. EDT.

The mid-season finale, “Where’s that Smoke,” left fans with a lot of questions. The episode ended with tensions in the family heating up, while the Southfork ranch was literally in flames. Check out a list of all the twists and turns coming in Season 3B:

Who set the fire?

The mid-season premiere will address the most burning question on the minds of "Dallas" fans from April -- who set the fire at Southfork? Fans saw Christopher and Bobby were trapped inside the blaze with an unconscious Sue Ellen. There will, no doubt, be a lot of finger pointing around the Ewing family as to who is responsible. Was Bo, whom fans last saw angrily driving towards the ranch, the one who lit the fire?

Pamela Will Get Her Groove Back

When fans last saw Pamela she had passed out following the shocking threesome with John Ross and Emma. John Ross found an empty pill bottle in her purse, revealing to "Dallas" viewers that she had overdosed on purpose. However, teaser trailers showing Pamela tossing around slaps and anger, prove that we’ve not seen the last of Pamela. At the ATX Television Festival, Julie Gonzalo said the incident will give her character a “different strength” and the show’s writers said fans would be seeing a whole lot more of her in Season 3B.

A Blast From Bobby's Past

Melinda Clarke will guest star as Tracey McKay, an ex of Bobby’s from the original series. What will the appearance mean for Bobby and Anne? The couple was already on the rocks in the mid-season finale after the news of the affair between John Ross and Emma got out, and fans saw Anne was locking lips with Harris Ryland.

Harris Ryland Will Redeem Himself

At the ATX Television Festival, the writers also said they were looking for ways to redeem Harris Ryland. In recent episodes, Harris had been planning to frame John Ross for statutory rape, however, in the mid-season finale he vowed to make things right, denounced his mother, and even apologized to Anne for their relationship failures. Will Harris turn a corner?

Ewing Global will go public.

In the second half of the season the family company will finally go public and fans will, at last, get to see how everyone’s plans and plotting to gain power with the move will play out.

Anne Is Back

At ATX the writers said Anne would “rise from the ashes.” The character was not in good shape at mid-season’s end. She was on the outs with her husband and had just kissed her ex, but in the second half of the season she may finally take some control back in her life.

Baby fever!

The writers have promised babies for the show’s fourth season, so the question for fans becomes who will be getting pregnant? Nicholas and Elena became good candidates after the mid-season finale after his contraceptive sabotage, but it would be foolish to count anyone else out.

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