Hurting for some “Dallas” news? Join the club! The hit TNT drama is currently on hiatus from Season 3, but fans don’t have to wait too long for the show’s return. The second half of Season 3 premieres on August 18, and some cast members were on hand at the 2014 ATX Television Festival to promote it! ATX attendees were treated to an advanced screening of the mid-season premiere and a special Q&A with Pamela’s Julie Gonzalo, Ann Ewing’s Brenda Strong and writer Aaron Allen. While we won’t reveal any spoilers, we’ve got some scoop about the series that you may not have known:

1. Brenda Strong revealed that the cast reads the new “Dallas” scripts as fast as they can to make sure that they don’t die at the end of the episode.

2. Julie Gonzalo thought that the John Ross, Emma and Pamela threesome “made sense” and that it was “pushing the envelope.”

3. Aaron Allen promised fans that while Mitch Pileggi (Harris Ryland) plays a real “S.O.B.,” he’s actually the “nicest guy.”

4. The “Dallas” writers want to “redeem” Harris Ryland … “somehow.”

5. Since getting hired on “Dallas,” Aaron Allen has gone back and watched episodes of the original series. But in order to do a little more research he’ll go back and read fan summaries of episodes.

6. Julie Gonzalo was born in Argentina and her mom used to watch the original “Dallas” in Spanish.

7. Gonzalo’s not sure who her character will hook up with next. The joke at the festival was that Ryland and Bobby were next because they’re the few remaining guys she hasn’t locked lips with yet.

8. “We start with logic and then work our away from it,” Allen joked of crazy story lines.

9. Since “Dallas” shoots their whole show in Dallas, Texas, the cast lives there for about 7 months.

10. Pamela may have been cut a lot during Season 3, but Gonzalo promised that you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of her character when the show returns in August.

11. Gonzalo teased that Pamela will get a “different strength” after her latest beat down.

12. Strong told fans that Ann will “rise from the ashes” by the end of Season 3.

13. Season 2 was supposed to end with J.R. taking over Ewing industries, however the writers had to change it after Larry Hagman passed away.

14. Strong was “blown away” by the way that the series handled Larry Hagman’s death without exploiting it.

15. On whether the show would be adding babies, Strong joked that “Patrick [Duffy] has said no babies because they steal every scene.” Meanwhile Gonzalo teased that there has to be babies in Season 4.

16. Brenda Strong asked the writers for more humor and a lighter side in Season 3 because she was tired of her character always crying.

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