Melinda Clarke of “Nikita” and “The O.C.” has a scandalous new gig. The famous redhead will be making the move to TNT to guest-star in Season 3 of “Dallas.”

Clarke’s role is one that fans of the original series will enjoy. While she never appeared on the show during its 1978-1991 run, the Dallas Decoder is reporting that she’ll be playing a character who was in Seasons 12 and 13 – Tracey McKay!

Tracey McKay was formerly portrayed by Beth Toussaint. Viewers will remember that Tracey was the daughter of Carter McKay (George Kennedy), one of the Ewing family’s rivals. While her time on the show was brief (only appearing in 17 episodes), she struck up a romantic relationship with Bobby Ewing – something that J.R. didn’t approve of. They ended up breaking up thanks to some drama with Tracey’s drug-dealing brother, Tommy (J. Eddie Peck). Bobby then moved onto April Stevens (Sheree J. Wilson), whom he eventually married.

According to TVLine, Melinda Clarke will appear in only two episodes, the first of them Sept. 8, but her short stint could stir up a lot of trouble on “Dallas” for Bobby and Ann … whose marriage is already on thin ice. Viewers will remember that the midseason finale found Ann with her ex, Harris. The pair shared a drink – and a kiss.

Thanks to an advance screening of the Season 3B premiere at the 2014 ATX Television Festival, we can tease that heartache will definitely unfold in the second hand of the season.

(Fun fact: Original “Dallas” Tracey McKay, Beth Toussaint, is married to “Heroes Reborn” star Jack Coleman.)

“Dallas” will return to TNT with new episodes on Aug. 18. What do you think will happen with Tracey, Bobby and Ann? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.