Episode 12 of “Dallas” left off with the shocking kidnapping of Anne and Emma by the cartel and episode 13, “Boxed In,” did not waste time getting back to the action.  "Boxed In" aired Sept. 16 on TNT, and it was one of the most exciting of the season yet.

The episode began with a bit of a surprising twist as Luis treated Anne and Emma with relative kindness -- presumably using the earlier signs of hostility as merely a show to force Judith’s hand. However, with her granddaughter still in captivity, Judith was not taking matters lightly. Distraught, she and Harris ordered the increased drug shipments to the cartel to get their loved ones back.

Things got interesting when Bobby and Christopher showed up asking for Harris’s help with contacting the C.I.A. about the cartel takeover of Ewing Global. When Harris filled them in on the kidnapping it seems the unlikely partnership had finished.

Meanwhile, Nicholas finally told Elena the truth, confessing that he used her to get the company for the cartel. She wanted to report the crime to the authorities, but Nicholas, pretending he had no choice, assured her they were in danger.

Back at the Rylands’ house, a C.I.A. agent informed the Ewings and the Rylands that they had pretty limited options in getting Anne and Emma back. The C.I.A. refused to assist in moving the drugs to the cartel, but agreed to help out in finding Nicholas -- but the clock was ticking. Nicholas had begun selling off parts of the company to get the money for the cartel to buy the Mexican elections. If the cartel were to get all the money, they would have no need to keep Emma and Anne alive.

John Ross returned to Southfork where, to his surprise, he found Pamela. After he told her about the kidnapping she reluctantly agreed to help him convince Nassir to lend him to money to buy the sold off parts of the company.

Christopher, on the other hand, visited Nicholas’ wife, hoping to use Nicholas’ affair with Elena as persuasion to convince her to help him find her. She turned him down, however afterward she called Nicholas, suspicious of his actions.

With the clock ticking, Luis received a call that the shipments of drugs had been stopped at the border. He paid a call to Judith where after pretending to shoot Emma, urged her to hold up her end of the bargain or else.

Bobby, meanwhile, had exhausted his options and hatched a new plan. He travelled to Austin where he convinced government officials to evacuate train tracks for a gas leak procedure, allowing him to move the drugs into Mexico and pay off the cartel. Knowing the scheme could have landed him in prison, Bobby went ahead anyway -- desperate to save Anne. As John and Pamela met with Nassir to convince him to lend them the money they needed, Bobby took off in a plane with the drugs, determined to bring back his loved ones.

Bobby arrived for a tense standoff with Luis where he convinced him to take his railroad deal, but Luis added one twist. Bobby now had to choose only one hostage to take back – Anne or Emma.

Fans were left on the edge of their seats after the biggest cliffhanger of the season. Who will Bobby choose? Fans will have to wait until next week to find out.

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