Will Bobby find a way to save the company in "Dallas" Season 3 Episode 12? TNT

"Dallas" was back Monday night with Episode 12 of Season 3, “Victims of Love,” and fans got the episode they were waiting for with Ewing Global finally going public. Everyone’s plans came to fruition, leaving the Ewing family desperate to save their company from Nicholas and the Cartel.

The episode began with everyone confident in his or her own plan. Cliff Barnes planned on getting his shares via Elena and trusted that Pamela would use the letter to get him out of prison. Bobby trusted Cal would deliver him enough shares to keep a hold of the company and John Ross believed that blackmailing Cal would give him a controlling stake of the company.

However, Nicholas was the one who benefited when the moment came. Bobby and Christopher finally traced him back to the Cartel, but not before it was too late. With Cartel backed money, Hunter McKay turned up out of the blue to buy up 48% of the company. After Nicholas signed over 3% of the company, given to him by Cliff Barnes, Hunter and the Cartel took control of Ewing Global.

With Bobby, John Ross, and Christopher left to pick up the pieces, their only option was to work together to prove that the IPO money is dirty money or the family will lose the company for good.

Christopher and Bobby went to Hunter McKay, hoping to strong arm him into a confession, but they were left empty-handed when McKay calls them on their lack of proof. Cue the return of Tracy McKay. Bobby visited his old fling hoping she would be able talk sense into her nephew. However, when Bobby and Tracy arrived at Hunter’s house they found him dead in an apparent suicide ... but more likely the work of the Cartel tying up loose ends.

In desperation, John Ross went to the Ryland’s hoping to use the threat of bringing Candice out of hiding to blackmail the family into using their Cartel connections to help them. However, the Ryland family dismissed John Ross, more concerned with problems of their own.

After the CIA refused to help, Harris, Judith and Emma went to meet with the Cartel to renegotiate the increased drugs that Emma promised. Judith got the cartel to agree to get rid of Candice, making the Rylands safe from John Ross, before they increase the drug shipment.

John Ross then got the leverage he needed to go after the Rylands. His P.I. found information on a previously recovered flash drive that proved Harris’ C.I.A. connections.

However, before he had a chance to make his move, the Rylands got even worse news. The Cartel shows up at the Rylands’ house at the end of the episode. After presenting Judith with the gruesome evidence of Candice’s murder, they revealed that they have kidnapped Anne and Emma to hold hostage until they get the drugs they were promised.

The Ewings and Rylands will have a lot to handle next week. After an episode that saw the Ewings fighting for their family’s company, the end sees the Ryland’s fighting for their family’s lives. "Dallas" fans will have to tune in next week to see what happens.

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