Get ready “Dance Moms” fans because it looks like the upcoming reunion for the reality-TV series is going to be a doozy. Following an explosive fourth season of the hit Lifetime dance competition program, the stars of “Dance Moms,” including coach Abby Lee Miller, will take the stage to re-hash the show’s past 16 episodes on the reunion special "Seeing Red," airing Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

Before the drama hits airwaves, here are six spoilers you can expect to happen during next week’s “Dance Moms” episode:

The original ALDC will perform

Similar to the past several reunion specials, the ALDC dancers will also perform during this week’s upcoming episode. As spotted in a promo for “Seeing Red,” the group can be seen dancing their Broadway-inspired “Kinky Boots” number which will include an appearance by part-time star, Payton Ackerman, 16, who helped bring the number a victory during episode 12, “Sister Showdown.” According to “Dance Moms” Wikia, dancers Maddie Ziegler and Kalani Hilliker will perform their award-winning duet “Two Sapphires” from episode 7 at the show. The original ALDC group is also rumored to be showcasing their contemporary group dance, “The Witches of East Canton.”

Asia Ray will return

Dance Asia Monet Ray said goodbye to Lifetime viewers during season three’s finale last September, but according to “Dance Moms” Wikia page, the pint-sized 8-year-old performer will make a cameo on the reunion special. “Asia Monet Ray joins the gang for fun,” dishes the spoiler site.

Christi will storm off

As seen in the “Seeing Red” promo, something appears to set off one of “Dance Moms" longest stars, Christi Lukasiak, mom to 12-year-old dancer Chloe. “I’m done! I am done!” Lukasiak can be heard yelling before storming off the show’s stage. Miller’s response to her outburst? “She is like twisted," Miller said.

Abby will insult Nia

After a season worth of negative comments regarding 12-year-old dancer Nia Frazier’s technical skills, dance mom Holly will lash out at Miller during the special in defense of her daughter. “That’s outrageous! Why is Nia either or: A solo or a group?” Frazier questioned Miller as the infamous tough-love coach is seen pretending to cry. “Who dances is up to me!” Miller said.

Cathy and Leslie will take the stage

Some of “Dance Moms” most vocal stars will be taking the stage during the midseason reunion. Not only will Payton’s mom Leslie Ackerman have her chance to speak her peace on the special, Candy Apples coach and Miller’s bitter rival Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, will also make an appearance. “She’s like the candy apple that turned into the prissy prune,” Miller says when commenting about Stein, a statement which elicits a laugh from star mom Jill Vertes.

The kids only reunion special will be revealed

For the first time since its 2011 TV debut, the kids of “Dance Moms” will have their own one-hour episode to talk without being interrupted by their moms or Miller. According to Lukasiak, the reunion special, entitled “No Moms Allowed,” will feature the show’s youngest stars as they discuss everything from their favorite dances to their thoughts on season 4’s drama.

“I am excited about this,” Lukasiak said at a fan meet and greet event last month, dishing that Chloe will lead the girls’ discussion on the trial episode. “It’s all about the girls… [Chloe] and Maddie have an honest conversation about their friendship and competing with each other and they do a beautiful tribute to Brooke and Paige [Hyland],” she said.