Tuesday’s installment of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” was a horror show — and not because of the mom drama. Abby Lee Miller granted three of her students murder-themed solos and the elite junior team a cult-inspired group dance.

After several of the moms fail to show up for on time for practice in Season 6, episode 10, “Abby Lee Horror Story,” Abby announces the week’s routines two days before the competition at her West Coast studio. She reveals that her 13-year-old star pupil, Maddie Ziegler, will be telling the Lizzie Borden story. Newcomer Brynn Rumfallo, 12, and Kendall Vertes, 13, are given the Black Dahlia and Natalie Wood solos, respectively.

Abby also opts for a dark group routine, announcing her dancers will be performing “The Cult,” a contemporary piece. “I think every parent has concerns about their child falling prey to a cult. And sometimes they’re even brainwashed to drink the Kool-Aid," Abby tells her students, a clear reference to the 1978 Jonestown Massacre.

“I have heard people reference this experience as a cult,” Holly Frazier later tells her fellow dance moms. 

Backstage at the competition, the moms bring up the fact that their girls are somewhat confused by their dance’s theme. When Mackenzie Ziegler, 11, says she thinks a cult means “bad people,” Holly and Jessalynn Siwa try their best to explain it. “You think of bad people because that’s usually what associated with it and something negative has happened,” Holly says.

“People feel attached to it and they feel like some kind of belonging,” Jessalyn adds. JoJo Siwa’s mom goes on to use the ALDC as a reference. “Look at us! Abby is not even in the room and look at us sewing our headpieces and worrying about this because our cult leader looms over us everywhere we go!”

Mackenzie, 11, reveals she disagrees with their definition. “The moms are really bad at explaining the cult. I think it is just a bunch of moms fighting,” she says. “I’m just ready to drink the Kool-Aid and dance. I don’t even know what the Kool-Aid is!”

While the girls don't appear to get a clear definition of a cult before going on stage, they still manage to walk away with first-place for their performance at New York Dance Experience in San Jose, California. “I love when our kids dance as a team together and I think that’s what’s important," Kendall's mother, Jill Vertes, says. "Maybe the ALDC being a cult isn’t a bad thing after all."

After the competition, and following her feuds with the moms in the studio, Brynn’s mother, Ashlee, presents the team with cups of Kool-Aid, which they accept. “The ALDC is a cult and they need their own Kool-Aid, so I got them some," she says. "I think they should drink their Kool-Aid every now and then.”

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.