Kira Girard’s upset will cause some big problems on next week’s installment of “Dance Moms.” The promo for Season 6, episode 26 shows her lashing out at Abby Lee Miller’s mini moms before appearing to shove another parent.

Abby’s decision to gift her elite junior team a number which requires the use of walkers in “Mommy Meltdown” (originally titled “Mother’s Day Meltdown”) upsets the elite junior mothers. “Abby this cannot go onstage,” Jill Vertes tells her daughter Kendall’s coach. “None of the kids are doing this number,” Holly Frazier concurs.

When the elite moms pull the group routine, the mini moms suggests it’s because they’re scared of their daughters being beat by their younger performers on the mini team, who for the first time are given a lyrical piece.

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“The first week we actually get a lyrical, you guys pull out of the competition,” Alexus Oladi’s mother Tiffanie says. Jessalyn Siwa calls the analysis “delusional” but it appears the mini moms get under Kira’s skin. “Tensions between the moms get physical and the moms give Abby an ultimatum,” Lifetime’s synopsis teases.

“I’m not letting mothers of a bunch of 7 year olds degrade our children,” Kalani Hilliker’s mom Kira says in the dressing room at the competition before order the mini team mothers to leave. When the new moms refuse to listen, Kira appears to push newcomer Stacey Ketchman. Abby goes on to ask Lilliana’s mother if she’s injured while Kerri Evans defends her fellow dance mom.

“You are role models!” she screams.

While the synopsis for episode 26 says the elites be will “tested” after being left without a group number, one “Dance Moms” spoiler site reports the elites did compete at Fierce National Dance Competition in Phoenix on May 7. The site shares their contemporary/lyrical number “Sun City, AZ” took home first overall in the teen division. Meanwhile the mini group dance, “Wait For Me Mom,” a number in honor of Abby’s late mother, placed second overall.

Catch Season 6, episode 26, “Mommy Meltdown,” Tuesday, Sept. 27, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.