Rumors have been flying about who might be cutting a rug on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.  An official announcement is set to be made Monday night, but multiple media outlets are reporting that the complete cast list for Season 13 has been leaked -- and three of the people on the last have been publicly dumped in the last year, making their dance cards free and clear.

The Washington Post is among the most reliable sources reporting the leak, and their list includes Nancy Grace, who TMZ reported Monday was gearing up for the show and met her dance partner in Atlanta last week.  TMZ also reported that Chaz Bono -- former daughter and now son of Cher and Sonny Bono -- will be dancing, appropriately, with a female partner.

Here are some others we can expect to see on the 13th season of Dancing With the Stars:

-Kristen Cavalleri, reality star (The Hills)  and jilted fiancée (Jay Culter)

-David Arquette, star of Scream and recently jilted husband of Courtney Cox

-Elisabetta Canalis, the beautiful model most famous for dating -- and being dumped by -- George Clooney

-Ryan O'Neal, former leading man now best known for airing his dirty laundry (i.e. strange relationship with daughter Tatum O'Neal)

-Rob Kardashian, Kim's brother and regular on Keeping Up With the Kardashians

-Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers forward and moonlighting rapper (hope his partner can dance in very high heels!)

-Ricki Lake, actress, former talk show host and producer of The Business of Being Born

-J.R. Martinez, Iraq war veteran and actor on ABC's All My Children

-Chynna Phillips, member of 90s pop trio Wilson Phillips

-Hope Solo, U.S. women soccer team's goalie

Snookie from The Jersey Shore was among the rumored members of DWTS' Season 13 cast, but that rumor appears to be unfounded.