The third week of ABC's Dancing With the Stars saw celebrities choosing a dance that represented the most memorable year of their lives. Drama and a flood of emotions were bound to follow. You might want to have a box of tissues ready, warned Brooke Burke Charvet at the start of the show.

The dancers certainly gave touching performances. Following are some of the highlights of the show:

Probably the most controversial celebrity on the show, Chaz Bono, chose this year as his most memorable year, reported USA Today.

He explained that it is because I'm happier than I've ever been.

The song that he chose to dance on was a song written by his late father Sonny Bono, Laugh at Me.

It's about if you have a problem with me, that's your problem, not mine, explained Chaz. 

The song also certainly is a message to those who criticized his participation in the show, pointing at his sexuality.

Upon his performance, Carrie Ann and Bruno did not really look impressed. Carrie Ann said, It wasn't your best performance;  Tonioli said, You looked a little bit lost, reported USA Today. However, Goodman called Bono's dance as the best dance I've seen you do.  

Bono got mixed opinions upon his performance.

The first to hit the stage were Rob Kardashian and his partner Cheryl Burke. Kardashian impressed the judges with his performance dedicated to his late father Robert Kardashian, ABC reported.

You just put the 'dash' in Kardashian, Goodman said. I hope your dad's looking down and saying 'Rob, you did good,' because you did.

Singer Chynna Phillips danced to Hold On, a song by her former group, Wilson Phillips, and said the song had been written against a backdrop of her depression and personal turmoil.

I knew you could do it. You are a smoldering siren, seductive, stylish, Tonioli said praising her performance.

Kristin Cavallari's performance with partner Mark Ballas on a high energy Crazy in love by Beyonce got them appreciation from judges. Cavallari said the song meant a lot for her because it makes her recall the year when she graduated from high school and decided to pursue a career in entertainment.

Bono once again turned out to be the lowest scorer with a total of 18 points, whereas Ricki Lake leads the pack with 27 points.

The scores as of the last episode, according to ABC News:

Lake and Hough: 27 out of a possible 30

Phillips and Dovolani: 26/30

Martinez  and Smirnoff: 26/30

Kardashian and Burke: 24/30

Cavallari and Ballas: 24/30

Kressley and Trebunskaya: 23/30

Arquette and Johnson: 24/30

Solo and Chmerkovskiy: 24/30

Grace and MacManus:  21/30

Bono and Schwimmer: 18/30