A Texas man will be spending the next 18 months in state prison after he was sentenced Monday for urinating on the Alamo two years ago.

Daniel Athens, 23, of El Paso, Texas, pleaded guilty to criminal mischief in connection with the April 2012 incident, the Smoking Gun reported Tuesday. Athens, who was also ordered to pay $4,000 in restitution, was facing up to two years in prison if he hadn’t taken a plea deal.

An incident report from the San Antonio Police Department said Athens was “caught urinating on the shrine of the Alamo” by a ranger on duty at the historic mission and popular tourist site marking Texas' independence from Mexico. The ranger said he saw Athens “making the motions of putting his penis back in his pants and saw a puddle on the original mortar of the shrine and next to the shrine [of the Alamo.]”

The police officer on the scene said Athens had bloodshot eyes and an odor of alcohol on his breath and was unsteady on his feet “and almost fell to the ground.”

The report explained how urinating on the Alamo could cause serious damage to the 250-year-old Texas landmark.

“Urine contains sale and the limestone absorbs the salt and then pushes the salt out,” the report stated. “When the salt gets pushed out, so does the face of the limestone and through this process the urine contributes to the eroding of the limestone.”