Daniel Radcliffe and John Hamm appear in a bathtub together in the latest trailer for their new show “Young Doctor’s Notebook.”

In the British miniseries, Radcliffe and Hamm play younger and older versions of the same character.

The four-part Sky Arts series, based on a Mikhail Bulgakov short story, tells of a doctor who comes to a rural village in the middle of the Russian Revolution, Perez Hilton reported.

It seems a little strange that “Mad Men’s” Hamm and “Harry Potter’s” Radcliffe are playing the same character since Hamm is 6 foot and Radcliffe is 5-foot-5, but it seems they will be able to pull it off considering Radcliffe plays a younger version of the character.

The trailer opens with the actors awkwardly sitting in a bathtub together. After a few uncomfortable moments, the younger character asks for the soap.

The clip then cuts to Daniel Radcliffe’s character being dropped off in the snow by a horse and buggy. He first asks to be taken a little further, but is thrown to the icy ground.

When he finally settles in at his job, he needs to reassure the nursing staff that he actually is a doctor despite his youthful appearance.

The young, eager doctor says, “in we go,” while delivering a child. Hamm, the older version of the character, is shown in the background scoffing at his younger self.

He mutters, “Did I really used to look like that?”

The doctors exchange quick quips throughout the minute-long trailer.

British viewers can check out the miniseries when it premieres on Sky Arts 1 Dec. 6