Danity Kane is reportedly reuniting, but without mastermind Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

Diddy put the band together in 2005 with the reality show “Making The Band.” It was his first attempt at putting together an all-girl group and signing them to Bad Boy Records. According to TMZ, the group is planning a reunion tour and album.

He also fired the entire group in 2009, except for Dawn Richard. Cameras showed the band fighting with Diddy, and though no specific reason was given why the hip-hop mogul pulled the plug on the girls, there have been rumors that the group felt Diddy was ripping them off financially.

Four of the five Danity Kane members –- Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres and Richard -- were seen eating lunch Monday with their new manager in Los Angeles, the celebrity news site added. Wanita "D. Woods" Woodgette has reportedly been left out of the new lineup.

It’s not certain who owns the name “Danity Kane,” but TMZ was told the girls are going to try and use the name anyway, which sounds like they are asking for a legal battle.

When the girls were asked by TMZ if Diddy would be involved, O'Day coyly responded, “Who’s that?”

Neither Diddy, nor his rep, have commented on Danity Kane’s reunion, but Twitter has exploded with excitement over a new album and tour.

@OzelleM29m wrote, “OMG! If Danity Kane reunites MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE!…. I STILL blast Welcome to the Dollhouse!”

“Danity Kane is pretty much a more epic version of 'The Avengers', to be perfectly honest. They are reuniting to save us,” @alexandergold30m joked.

@marissa279339m borrowed one of DK’s lyrics for her tweet, “Danity Kane is reuniting DO YOU HAVE A FIRST AID KIT HANDY.”