Drawers were dropped and hearts were broken during episode 4 of “Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps.” But before you find out which nude contestant was sent home undressed and in tears by the show’s male lead, Chris, check out some of the most insane moments - like Chris and Kerri’s surprising pact - that occurred on the Season 2 installment titled “Check and Mate."

In episode 4 of the VH1 reality series, the dating show’s main contestants agreed to put their feelings for one another aside so that they could attempt to find the “perfect keeper,” according to the episode synopsis. But the two later learn that finding a textbook lover might be harder than they thought when they meet new, potential suitors.

(Warning: the following clips are NSFW.)

1. Fallon Gets Bendy

2. Chris And Kerri Set Boundaries

3. Cartoons and Socrates

4. Johana Makes a Pun

5. Fallon Gets Jealous

6. Naked Limbo

7. Trouble In Thailand

8. "I'm Tellin' Y'all It's Sabotage"

9. Harley Gives A Lap Dance

10. Chris Gets Worried

11. Kerri Makes Her Choice

12. Chris Sends Someone Home

13. Harley Has A Meltdown

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