Time to slip back into your shoes and socks because Season 2 of “Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps” has officially ended. On Wednesday, the sophomore installment of the hit VH1 reality dating series aired its bare-naked finale. And boy did episode 10, “Arrivals and Departures,” leave us with our jaws on the ground after it was revealed who the show’s leads, Chris and Kerri, chose as their ultimate keeper.

But picking their final mate wasn’t easy – especially when former contestants Fallon and Mason made their way back to the Thailand island. Talk about a curve ball!

“In no way was I even slightly disappointed when he showed up,” Kerri said after the cowboy made his shocking return. “I’m just so elated to see him.”

Chris, however, was a bit on edge with the reappearance of the svelte and scheming brunette Fallon.

“Oh my God. Fallon’s back. Did she come back to seek revenge – lash out – because she’s so pissed at me? Or did she come back because she could forgive me and wanted to give it another shot? I don’t know yet,” he questioned her motives.

Check out the craziest moments from the Season 2 finale below, as well as who Chris and Kerri chose as their ultimate keeper during the “Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps” finale:

1. Things Get Hot Between Kerri And Dan

2. Mason Makes His Way Back To Thailand

3. What Are Fallon's Motives?

4. Fallon Learns About Elissa

5. Fallon vs. Elissa Part 1

6. Fallon vs. Elissa Part 2

7. Chris And Kerri Have An Intimate Moment

8. Dan Gets Angry

9. Dan Gets Vulnerable

10. Mason Drops The "L" Word

11. Fallon Gets The Hard Truth

12. Chris Is Not A Fan Of Cat Fights

13. Chris And Kerri Get A One-On-One Date

14. Chris Makes His Surprising Decision

15. Kerri With The Upset!

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