“Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps” returned for even more bare-naked drama on Wednesday night during episode 5, “Two Young and Too Restless.” And like the title of the Season 2 installment suggests, audiences could definitely see that one of the show’s main leads were feeling a bit more anxious than usual throughout the intense episode.

During episode 5, viewers learned that Kerri was have conflicted feelings about her prospective suitors – specifically Mason, the romantic crooner with a knack for playing the guitar. But Fallon, who had eyes for the show’s other main dater, Chris, tried to convince Kerri that her fickle feelings were nothing more than just nerves – besides, if Kerri was to invest in Mason then that would mean once less person vying for Chris.

“She really pushes Mason on me… like a lot,” Kerri said. “But how much of it is her just saying, ‘Forget about Chris. You’re not interested in him. Chris is mine.’”

Is Fallon manipulating Kerri? And if so, did it work? Check out the 9 most insane moments from episode 5 of “Dating Naked” below to find out:

1. The Perfect Trifecta

2. Bald and Blunt

3. Under the Sea Kisses

4. Ulterior Motives

5. Fallon Marks Her Territory

6. Black Belt Goodbye

7. An Easy Farewell

8. Kerri's Shocking Decision

9. "Love is Crazy"

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