After Romney campaign adviser Stuart Stevens wrote a controversial op-ed in the Washington Post, top Obama campaign crony David Axelrod is making a splash of his own.

According to Politico, Axelrod will shave his trademark, 40-year-old mustache, even after he won a bet with “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough that allowed him to keep the furry facial accessory.


David says he’s going to come on our show on Dec. 7, a day that will live in infamy, and cut his mustache,” Scarborough announced Thursday.


The coiffing proposals stem from a wager between Scarborough and Axelrod. If Romney won Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania, Axelrod would have to doff his 'stache. If Obama took either Florida or North Carolina, Scarborough would have to grow some whiskers.


As you most likely know by now, Obama won all of the aforementioned states besides North Carolina, meaning that Axelrod's mustache would live to see another day and Scarborough would begin his quest for a hirsute face.


Not so fast, though. Axelrod upped the ante with Scarborough by pledging to shave his mustache if Scarborough helped raise $1 million for research on epilepsy, from which Axelrod's daughter suffers. Scarborough was all for the offer, and he even kicked in $10,000 of his own cash to start the fundraising.


Last night, Scarborough announced that donations had reached the $1 million mark, meaning that it's time for Axelrod's 'stache to go.