Just in case you were anxious about his STD test results, Buffalo Bills wide receiver (WR) David Clowney tweeted the results of his HIV examination to the world on Tuesday.

Along with a photo of the test document from his doctor from April, Clowney gave sentiments of how thankful he is to have tested negative for HIV.

Got My HIV Results Back!! Thank God for keeping my body healthy and safe, Clowney wrote to his  followers on Twitter.

News of his test results received mixed reactions from fans, some who applaud him for his efforts to raise awareness of the importance of STD testing, others who felt the tweet was just too much information.

I applaud @DavidClowney for tweeting his HIV results. It raises awareness. Everyone needs to get tested, Twitter user EmmRachelle wrote.

@DavidClowney I work in the field of HIV Prevention. Thanks for sharing the importance of getting tested. I hope others follow your example, Twitter user ddmjr wrote.

After reading some of the less supportive comments and re-tweets, Clowney gave another piece of his mind.

Some people are Ridiculously stupid,.. And can't see the bigger picture about things that are important in this world!! he wrote. Everyone should get tested!! ,.. Don't wait till HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to find out if you have it or not!! I'm never the type to let things get to me,. But it bothers the hell out of me to know people make jokes about AIDS AND HIV!!!!

Clowney will continue training in the offseason to prepare for the Buffalo Bills' upcoming season. He has been playing in the NFL for five years, once with the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers. Last year, Clowney was placed on the inactive list for the Bills.

Clowney is not the first athlete to open up about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Magic Johnson, who played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, abruptly retired in 1991 after he announced on Nov. 7, 1991 he tested positive for HIV. Since, he has devoted himself to the cause of raising awareness about HIV/AIDS as a philanthropist and motivational speaker, adding he would dedicate the rest of his life to battle this deadly disease. He created the Magic Johnson Foundation in November 1991.