Just a few weeks after a record number of Americans tuned in to watch David Letterman sign off from CBS one last time, the famous comedian has already adopted a more casual look, leaving the television makeup and suits behind and giving his razor a break.


Letterman is not the first late-night talk show host to enter into retirement in recent years. Did other hosts also kick back like Letterman and grow a beard? What projects did these late-night ringleaders move on to once their late-night gigs finished? Find out below what other former late-night hosts are up to these days.

Jay Leno 

David Letterman’s network foe since Johnny Carson tapped Leno for “The Tonight Show,” Leno has been a bitter rival ever since. Leno retired from late-night in 2014, but he’s still fairly active with his occasional car special. He is also lending his voice to a character in the next “Ice Age” movie.

Craig Ferguson

Ferguson helmed “The Late Late Show” from 2005-2014, but when CBS passed over Ferguson as Letterman’s successor, the Scotsman left his late-night duties. With James Corden now in his stead, Ferguson is finishing up his American comedy tour across the country and prepping to host a new show.

George Lopez

The popular Latino comedian tried his hand at his own late-night show on TBS from 2009 to 2011, when his spot was pre-empted by Conan O’Brien’s move to the network. These days, he’s back to the acting business, with the indie film “Spare Parts” and a recurring role on “Real Husbands of Hollywood. He also travels with his stand-up routines.  

Arsenio Hall

The first African-American late-night host ruled Fox's midnight airwaves from 1989-1994 before the network decided to kill the show's late-night slot. Hall returned for a revival of his show in 2013, but it was short-lived. His show ended once again in 2014 due to poor ratings.

Craig Kilborn

The original host of “The Daily Show” jumped ship back in 1998 to host “The Late Late Show” on CBS. In 2004, he was replaced by Craig Ferguson. It took six years for Kilborn to resurface, with “The Kilborn File,” where he reprised favorite segments from his previous series. The show was a six-episode trial run and was not picked up by Fox. He hasn't been active in showbiz lately.