-Mitt Romney will be speaking at a noon (Mountain time) rally in Pueblo, Colo., one of a handful of Western states where both campaigns are making a serious push.

-Paul Ryan will be in the more traditional battleground of Ohio, where he will kick off what is to be a Romney-Ryan bus tour across the crucial state. Ryan will launch his part of the journey with a 3:10 rally in Lima; after that, he's Cincinnati-bound.

-Speaking of Ohio, as the Republican team is traveling across the Buckeye state, voters there will be watching a new ad from the Obama campaign that targets Romney's now-infamous "47 percent" comments to private donors.

-60 Minutes broadcast interviews with both Obama and Romney. Some highlights from the GOP standard-bearer: 

~Obama is committed to "more stimulus, more government spending" while Romney's solution is "make government smaller"

~Deflects a question about his shifting abortion stance by noting the president's failure to close Guantanamo Bay

~Promises to cut taxes across the board and defends his own low tax rate

~Reiterates his plan to turn Medicaid into block grants to states and to voucherize Medicare

~Denies that his campaign is in trouble: it "doesn't need a turnaround"