This Day For Republicans: Rallying In Florida

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- Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be appearing together at an 8:30 p.m. rally in Daytona Beach, Fla., where they will be joined by country music star John Rich.

- Romney will be headed to the Sunshine State from New York City, where he and President Barack Obama experienced a rare moment of amicability in appearing together at the annual Alfred E. Smith memorial dinner. Romney got in some good-natured digs at Obama but had a few self-deprecating lines too ("It's nice to finally relax and wear what Ann and I wear around the house," a tuxedo-clad Romney said).

- Republicans are hammering the president for saying, during an appearance on "The Daily Show," that it was "not optimal" when four Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya. 

- Romney is lagging behind Obama in securing early votes in Ohio, according to a memo released by the Obama campaign. Ohio has been embroiled in a recently decided dispute over early voting -- the state tried to restrict early voting for everyone except military personnel; the Obama campaign challenged that and was recently vindicated by the Supreme Court.

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