"DayZ," the hardcore survival-horror game that originally gained massive popularity as a mod for "Arma 2," will be released as a standalone game by developer Bohemia Interactive. "DayZ" will be released exclusively for PC via Steam within a few months, though the hard release date is still unavailable. There are also informal plans to release "DayZ" for the PS4 and Xbox One, though there is nothing concrete to report on either front at this time. So how will this "DayZ" release differ from the mod? Here's what we found out.

The main difference between mod "DayZ" and standalone "DayZ" is the addition of an inventory system that's simple and functional. Weapon modification and weapon degradation will also be added to the game. The standalone "DayZ" will preserve the mod's open-world nature, with a quest/campaign structure unlikely to make its way to the game.

Vehicles and underground hideouts will also come to standalone "DayZ." Players will be able to modify vehicles as well. For example, if you have a vehicle but it lacks a driver-side door and you spot an abandoned vehicle that still has one, you can pull the door off the abandoned vehicle and attach it to your own, giving you an added layer of protection as you roll through the zombie apocalyptical wasteland that is "DayZ."

Check out the standalone version of "DayZ" in action below.



What do you think of "DayZ?" Have you played the mod version of "DayZ?" If so, what do you or don't you find appealing about "DayZ?" What do you think of the changes that will be coming to the standalone version of "DayZ?" Sound off in the comments below.