With the “Deadpool” movie causing quite a stir at the San Diego Comic-Con, Activision and Marvel decided to strike while the iron is hot by making the “Deadpool” game available again on Steam after it was originally taken down. Fans of the “Merc with a Mouth” should probably get the title while it’s available, as it might not stay there for too long.

Prior to being taken down, “Deadpool” was available on the PlayStation network, Xbox Live and Steam, but was taken down when Activision’s license with Marvel expired in 2014, as reported by PC Gamer. What shocked fans, however, was that the “Deadpool” game was still relatively new, but was taken down after a few months, though it was still available in retail stores.

“Deadpool” wasn’t the only game taken down, as numerous titles like “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “X-Men: Destiny” were also taken down, according to an article by Polygon. While “Deadpool” did return to Steam, it’s not available again on the PlayStation network or Xbox Live, so unless fans can find a physical copy of the last-gen action game, their best bet is to purchase the game through Steam.

It should be noted that there was no special press release or any prior announcements regarding the game’s return to Steam, which is a bit odd since the movie will be coming out next year. Activision did the same thing with the “Prototype Biohazard Bundle,” though it did eventually release a statement on its official blog.

Though it wasn’t a critical darling, the “Deadpool” game was a title that would make fans of the comic book very happy, as it featured the character’s signature mix of toilet humor and slapstick comedy, as well as plenty of fourth wall breaking. Furthermore, Daniel Way, who wrote the “Deadpool” comic for more than 60 issues, wrote the game’s story and dialogue.

Fans interested in the Marvel character or the coming movie should purchase “Deadpool” right now on Steam for Windows PC. Console gamers will have to settle with looking for the game on retail stores or bargain bins.

Deadpool Video Game - Launch Trailer - Now on Sale (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)