Apart from R-rated action scenes and twisted humor, “Deadpool” will also feature a love story. In her discussion with Cinema Blend, Morena Baccarin said her character Vanessa Carlysle will romance Ryan Reynolds' character Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

“It’s an origin story for these characters, so you see them falling in love. You see them meeting each other for the first time and discovering that they’re kindred spirits. You see them love each other more and more,” she said.

Baccarin added that her character shares intimate scenes with Reynolds’ character. In the comics, Carlysle falls into life of prostitution in Boston where she falls in love with Wilson. She is a young shapeshifter mutant who is also known as Copycat and dies in Wilson's arms. Later he heals her with his blood. Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld created the character, and she first appeared in “The New Mutants” No. 98.

The film will reportedly follow the comic book plot and their love will be put to test when Wilson is diagnosed with cancer. The disease will reportedly throw them apart. “He sort of detaches from her because he wants to go through this cancer thing, and doesn’t want her to be witness to it. And it remains to be seen whether they’ll find each other again,” Baccarin added.

Tim Miller directed “Deadpool” from the screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick based on comic book of the same name by Nicieza and Liefeld. It concerns a former Special Forces operator, Wilson, who gets accelerated healing powers after he is subjected to a rogue experiment.  He adopts an alter ego, Deadpool, and goes to hunt down a man who almost destroyed his life. The cast also includes Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, Andre Tricoteux and Leslie Uggams. It opens Feb. 12, 2016.