In honor of the reboot of “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” Monday following the death of the radio show’s star David "Kidd” Kraddick last month, the remaining cast endured an uncomfortable interview with fellow radio host Dale Hansen.

Hansen, 65, spoke to the program's remaining cast on WFAA-TV in Dallas Monday night, the same day the show's first episode following the untimely death of its 53-year-old star aired. Following the interview, Hansen’s statements, including his comparison of Kraddick’s death to 9/11, his claims that his passing will cost people “a lot of money” and prodding Kraddick’s co-hosts to reveal when they feel it will be appropriate to “laugh” on air again, drew criticism from CultureMap Dallas magazine.

According to the magazine’s report, Hansen kicked off the interview with “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” stars Big Al, J-Si, Kellie Rasberry and Jenna by sharing his opinions on how Kraddick’s death will cut profits. “I played golf with Kidd Kraddick [and a lot of poker too]," Hansen said. "It seems like everything I ever did with him cost me money. But Kraddick's death could be costing a lot of people a lot of money."

The interview reportedly continued with more questionable statements in which the longtime host compared Kraddick’s passing to that of the mourning period following the Sep. 11 terrorist attacks. “After 9/11, every comedian, the Lenos and the Lettermans, felt like it was awkward to laugh again," Hansen said. "This morning, when you're trying to do the show without Kidd Kraddick, was it awkward to laugh again?”

Hansen defended his comments in a statement to the magazine stating that his thoughts were justified. “Those four people may well be out of a job soon. All the stations and the syndicators involved in his show may well be out of the loop, and those stations will lose money — the syndicators lose money, and his crew loses money. POSSIBLY,” he said.

The cast revealed during the interview that they're unsure of the future direction of the Texas-based, nationally syndicated radio show. A rep for the network announced last week in a statement on their Facebook page that the show will go on without Kraddick.

Kraddick died suddenly July 27 after attending a charity golf event for terminally ill children in New Orleans. According to an early toxicology report, his death was caused by an enlarged heart and blocked arteries and most likely an irregular heartbeat.