Since Paris Jackson attempted suicide last week, the courts have been investigating the welfare of Michael Jackson’s daughter to determine if grandmother Katherine Jackson is a suitable guardian for the troubled teen. Sources have come forth from both sides, with TMZ reporting her mother Debbie Rowe would accept legal custody of her biological daughter and the New York Daily News denying the rumor.

After Michael Jackson died in 2009, sole custody of his three children Prince, Paris and Blanket went to his mother Katherine. But after the 83-year-old went missing in August 2012, cousin T.J. Jackson obtained co-guardianship. Now Katherine’s ability to care for her grandchildren is being questioned again since Paris was rushed to the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who made Katherine the guardian after Jackson’s passing, ordered an investigator in probate court to "prepare a written report and include therein any recommendations relating to the minor child's health, education and welfare,” TMZ wrote.  

According to an "insider" who spoke to TMZ, T.J. is generally busy with his own family and Katherine isn’t “connected” to her granddaughter.

The celebrity news site then alleged that even though Rowe hasn’t suggested she become a guardian, that could change if the courts decide Katherine is not suitable to raise Paris. The youngster's wishes will be key, and TMZ’s sources said it’s “likely” she’ll choose Rowe, whom she’s recently reconnected with, and that the 56-year-old would “gladly” accept.

The Daily News, however, reported that even though Rowe plans on letting Paris stay at her horse ranch this summer, she doesn’t plan on taking over guardianship. “It would take Katherine dying or becoming very ill for Debbie to seek legal guardianship in court,” an insider told the newspaper.

If Paris stays with Rowe over the summer, it won’t affect the guardianship. “Katherine said she isn't going to give up the role because she feels that would be letting Michael down, and Debbie has too much respect for Katherine and Michael’s wishes to fight her in court,” the insider said Monday.  

Paris was rushed to the hospital last week after she slit her wrists with a kitchen knife and took 20 ibuprofen. She’s said to  be doing better.