Acura sales for 2010 totaled 133,606, up 27.2 percent compared to 2009. Strong December results for MDX and TSX helped Acura achieves 15,489 sales, a 51.9 percent increase compared to December 2009 sales, and the 11th straight month of double-digit sales increases for Acura.

For Acura, 2010 has proven to be a remarkable year, said Jeff Conrad, vice president of Acura sales. With sales up more than 27 percent for the year, an improving economy and exciting new products like the TSX Sport Wagon, Acura's future is looking bright.

December sales of Acura light trucks were up 86.9 percent, with 7,680 units sold. For the year, light truck sales totaled 65,444, up 59.1 percent. In December, the MDX luxury SUV once again led Acura sales with 5,887 units sold, up 110.6 percent. RDX sales were up 24.5 percent for December, totaling 1,540 units, the carmaker said in a statement.

Overall sales for Acura cars were up 28.3 percent for December with 7,809 units sold. For the year, Acura car sales totaled 68,162 units, up 6.7 percent. TSX had a record month leading Acura car sales with 4,393 units sold, an increase of 55.7 percent. December marked the launch of Acura's all-new TSX Sport Wagon, which went on sale late in the month. TL sales totaled 3,275 units for the month, up 7.2 percent.