Def Leppard rocker Vivian Campbell doesn’t want his wife of 25 years to pour some sugar on him after the musician reportedly filed for divorce.

The “Pour Some Sugar On Me” rocker, 50, filed divorce papers to split from wife Julie Campbell, TMZ reported. The Def Leppard guitarist cited irreconcilable differences in his filing, according to the gossip website.

The papers indicated Vivian and Julie Campbell got married in February 1987 and have two daughters, 13 and 11.

Vivian Campbell is asking for joint custody of the girls and is requesting that he pay no spousal support to Julie, according to TMZ.

The Def Leppard guitatirst could not be reached by the gossip website for further comment.

Vivian Campbell, a native of Northern Ireland, joined Def Leppard in 1992, five years after marrying Julie.

In a 2010 interview with Guitar International, Vivian Campbell said his wife was his inspiration for putting out a blues album.

“About twenty years ago, my wife heard me sing. She said, ‘You know, you sing like a blues guy. You play guitar like a blues guy, too. Maybe you should do a blues record.’ I laughed, and told her to go away and stop being a silly woman,” Vivian Campbell told the website. “I didn’t think much about it, but I always knew that the way I played was more akin to blues than anything else. I let my left hand do most of the work, and I’m basically a down-stroke picker. I fret pretty hard with my left hand, so that articulates the note.”