If you thought hockey great Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, Paulina, was the only racy offspring of a legendary sports athlete, Deion Sanders’ daughter, Deoindra, is taking things to a whole new level.

Deiondra Sanders announced on Tuesday that she joined the Bikini Basketball League, where “Sexy Athletic Ladies” run around scantily clad shooting hoops, SportsRadioInterviews.com said. Sanders said she has signed with the Atlanta Peaches and will play in the Bikini Basketball Association when it launches officially this spring.

Similar to Gretzky's reaction when he learned about his daughter's exploits, Sanders’ Hall of Fame football father is not happy with her decision.

“My dad was kind of upset, but that’s like any parent who just sees bikini league,” Sanders told Jeff Sammut on sports radio station Fan 590. “He thought I was gonna be out there in a bikini. He [saw] a picture of our uniform and stuff like that, so I think once he saw that we’re actually covered up a little bit, he wasn’t as concerned.”

For Deoindra Sanders, however, there’s not much worry since the Bikini Basketball League is a misnomer; Female players are required to wear sports bras and short shorts, rather than bathing suits.

“At first I was a little discouraged but then I found out that we only wear sports bras and spandex,” she said. ”We’re not running down the court in bikinis, which I know many of you wish we was. So once I found that out I wasn’t discouraged at all.”

According to its website, the Bikini Basketball League has been around since 2011 after the great success of the Lingerie Football League, but there have not been any games yet. The one difference, though, according to Sanders, is that the players in the Bikini Basketball League can actually play the sport.

“I just think that it’s a lot different because we actually do have players, real basketball players, that actually have played in the WNBA before,” she said. “So I think that this will make a difference because people are really gonna see real-life hoopers. They just look good while doing it.”

Sanders said she hopes joining the league will lead to more fame, and in a positive way, unlike the last time she made headlines for a Twitter rant about her stepmother two years ago.

“I like playing basketball so I’m enjoying doing it,” she said. “But eventually I hope it does lead to making my name bigger as a person so I can actually have a voice — a positive voice. Because so far the negative’s [been] portrayed. But I want to have a positive voice. I hope this actually leads to … that.”