Police in Delray Beach, Florida, are investigating a fatal shooting involving an off-duty Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy on Wednesday. The incident took place at a luxury housing complex called the Franklin, near Franklin Club Drive, authorities said.

Lauren Helerstein, a neighbor, saw about 20 to 30 police officers with assault rifles run past her at 8 a.m. while she was walking her dog, she told the Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale. 

"Every one of their weapons were drawn and they were telling me to get inside my house and lock the door," Helerstein said.

Marissa Carlino, another resident, said she witnessed a community security officer in handcuffs being led into a police car.

In a Facebook post, the Delray Beach Police Department said it was “investigating a shooting that involved an off duty Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy.”

Delray Beach police have not released further details surrounding the shooting.