The URL has been put up for sale by American Bridge for the 21st Century, a Democratic group currently using the web address to give voters a tour of the former House Speaker and Republican primary candidate Newt Gingrich's many foibles.

The URL was listed on Craigslist as for sale by the Democratic group.

With the holiday season rapidly upon us, what do you get for the Republican primary candidate who has everything? the group wrote, going on to ask for $1 million for the domain name.

We thought of giving it away, but we wouldn't want to be accused of being socialists, the listing reads.

Visiting the site takes you to unflattering reminders of some of Gingrich's most recent gaffes. For example, on your first visit you may encounter Tiffany & Co., an allusion to the $500,000 debt the former Speaker has held with the premiere jeweler. A second visit may send you to Freddie Mac's home page, where Gingrich claimed to get paid for his services as a historian.

Other visits will bounce you to a tour guide of Greece, an unflattering article in the Atlantic, and so on. Consider it a stark lesson in buying your dot-com name before running for president. Trip to Athens anyone?