Everyone is talking about Dennis Quaid after he cursed out people on a set. The veteran actor hasn’t been such a hot topic since “The Day After Tomorrow” was released more than a decade ago. Footage of him having an alleged meltdown went viral Tuesday, but some people think the scene may have been a hoax. Twitter users claimed comedian Jimmy Kimmel was behind the expletive-filled rant, but when Quaid was confronted about it, he didn’t have much to say.

In video footage captured by TMZ Tuesday, the actor can been taking photos with fans in New York City. The news site pointed out the video conveniently was leaked the same time Quaid left a media event for his new series on the streaming channel Crackle.

When asked by the paparazzi what happened on the set, Quaid, 61, seemed irritated and simply said: “Come on, man.” Then he got into a car and sped off.

Since Kimmel is the king of dupes, some people believed Quaid’s freak-out was nothing more than a hoax. However, Kimmel, 47, has not taken credit for the 44-second clip. Still, a Twitter debate rages on.

It almost seems too absurd to be true. Here’s the guy who warmed our hearts in movies like “The Rookie” and “The Parent Trap.” Either way, Quaid definitely got people talking about him. The clip has more than 720,000 views on YouTube and hundreds of comments.

“What the f---? Keep going!” Quaid screams in the video. “I am acting and this d---head wanders on to my set.” When someone off camera tries to calm him down and says his name, the actor only becomes more agitated. “Don’t f---ing ‘Dennis’ me,” he yells as he flails his arms. “I am doing my job here. I am a pro! This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on!”

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