Respect. It doesn’t matter if a baseball lover is a Boston Red Sox fan or a player on the New York Mets: New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter has commanded respect, or "re2pect" in his 20-year career in Major League Baseball.

The all-star player is playing his last season of the national pastime, and on Monday released a commercial for Nike's Air Jordan brand to celebrate his final year in MLB. The athlete, who wears #2 on his pin-striped jersey, helped make the clip for the sports apparel giant go viral with the hasthag "re2pect," a combo of his number and the word.

The ad starts with Jeter, 40, adjusting the brim of his helmet as he always has at bat. The simple adjustment turns into much more as the crowd at Yankee Stadium begins to tip their hats in respect. But it goes much further then that.

The minor gesture is reciprocated by not only by fans, but by peers, celebrities and even rivals. Three of the New York Mets, whose faces are blurred out, even hilariously tip their hats. Two men in Red Sox garb roll their eyes, but can’t help but show respect to The Captain.

Jeter's legendary ex-teammates, the rest of the "Core Four," pitcher Andy Pettitte, closer Mariano Rivera, and catcher Jorge Posada, can be seen in the video as well.

The ad also features cameos by Jay-Z, former New York Mayor Rudolph Guliani, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

The 90-second commercial went viral on Twitter, where hundreds of netizens began to comment about the clip. Some of their reactions have been posted below:

Celebrities also took to Twitter to acknowledge the shortstop:

NBA star Kobe Bryant even paid tribute:

So did Grammy winner Macklemore:

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