Jazz guard Deron Williams has been sent to the Nets for forward Derrick Favors, guard Devin Harris, and two first round picks.

This is perhaps a fallout of the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks, where the Nets appeared to have a trade in place to acquire Anthony. With Anthony out of the picture, the Nets acquired the star

According to some sources, Williams fell out of favor with Jazz management, and may have been part of the reason long-time coach Jerry Sloan recently resigned.

This is a major move for both teams. The Jazz seem intent on rebuilding by getting younger with Favors, the third pick in last year's NBA Draft. Favors has not lived up to expectations, but since he's only 19, there's certainly room for him to improve.

This also helps the Jazz bench, which isn't a strong suit since the departure of Wesley Matthews.

For the Nets, the addition of Williams is finally the star they've been seeking for years. With Brook Lopez, the Jazz now seem to have a good low-post player to go along with Williams, a quality playmaker and perimeter player.