Desiigner’s rising star nearly crashed and burned last week when he was arrested and hit with multiple drug related charges in New York City. He was released from jail one day after his arrest. New Information suggests the rapper, who has maintained his innocence throughout this ordeal, may have fallen victim to the old adage “wrong place, wrong time,” which begs the question which of his charges will stand?

According to TMZ, law enforcement officials have revealed that they were wrong in their initial assessment of baggies filled with pills found in an SUV Desiigner, born Sidney Royel Selby III, was riding in. The substances in question were first thought to be methamphetamines. Further analysis showed that they were, in fact, steroids — methandrostenolone, PharmOne, Oxandrolone and Halotest Fluxymesteron to be precise. The more than 300 pills found in the vehicle are believed to have belonged to the man driving Desiigner on the evening of his arrest. The “Panda” rapper claims he had no idea there were any drugs in the car when he got in. At present, authorities have dropped charges of intent to sell and possession of a fire arm. The D.A. has yet to comment on plans to drop drug possession charges.

The G.O.O.D Music recent signee was released from jail on Sept. 10 following an arraignment hearing. TMZ caught up with Desiigner as he exited a detention center in New York City to discuss the case. He shared little about what happened, but seemed certain authorities had little to no case against him. The rapper was seen leaving with a posse in tow, celebrating his freedom.

“They tried to keep me in there, but when you doing right and keepin’ it positive they can’t lock you. You feel me?” he said with a smile accompanied by his usual animated hand gestures and vocal gun sounds.

Desiigner was arrested on Friday, Sept. 9 following an alleged incident of road rage in Midtown, Manhattan. ABC 7 reports that police were called on the 19-year-old by another motorist who claimed he had been brandishing a weapon at the driver as they argued. The driver called police who quickly closed in on Desiigner’s white Range Rover. Police say bags filled with drugs were sitting in plain sight in the center console of the vehicle. The gun Desiigner is thought to have been waving at the other driver was loaded and recovered by police. He and four other people riding with him in the SUV were arrested and charged.