Pakistan is frequently cited as being one of the most repressive countries in the world for women. Stories about the abuse, rape, and even murder, of women often appear in global media.

For example, the rapists of Mukhtaran Mai, the woman who inadvertently became an icon for women’s rights for having the courage to seek justice through the legal courts, were recently acquitted by the nation’s Supreme Court.

The practice of “honor killing” has been condemned across the world and much of that ire is directed at Pakistan.

However, it may surprise some to learn that many women serve in the highest offices of Pakistan’s government.
Pakistan’s Parliament (or Majlis-e-Shoora) consists of the Senate (the upper house) and the National Assembly (lower house).

The Senate has 100 members, at least 17 of which must be women.

The National Assembly comprises 342 members, of which 60 are reserved for women.

Here are some of the Pakistani women who serve in the Senate or Assembly: