With the second “Destiny” expansion House of Wolves already set to launch May 19, developer Bungie and publisher Activision gave some more minor details on what’s coming. Earlier this week, Activision confirmed the exotic drops from older raids in “Destiny.”

Activision clarified that older raids will not be getting the newer exotic items. This means that players will need to compete in and complete the upcoming activities in House of Wolves to get the newer items, GameZone reports.

Bungie has also released a more informational trailer that gives a background of House of Wolves as well as what it will bring to the game. The interesting thing about House of Wolves is the multitude of characters coming with the social space, The Reef. According to Bungie, this is one way to propel the universe of “Destiny” even more, as well as be a mechanism for storytelling.

Once the House of Wolves launches, older raids Vault of Glass and Crota’s End will drop old exotics, but they will do so at the new power levels introduced with the new expansion. When the story mission is all done, the Prison of Elders can keep players hooked by participating in the new battle arena and employing the different difficulty levels. Of course, there is the Elimination mode, which is so far the hardest mode in “Destiny” as it does not have respawns, and the only goal is to wipe out the enemy.

“The great thing about ‘Destiny’ is it doesn’t stop with House of Wolves. You’re building this character that is going to persist in the future,” Matt Sammons, design lead for House of Wolves, was quoted as saying in the dev diary, which can be seen in the video below.

Since there is already less than a week until the release of the House of Wolves expansion for “Destiny,” the developer is making a small change. Over at the Bungie official forums, the developer has confirmed that the usual activities won’t be available. This means that in the eight hours following the reset and in between the patch download for the House of Wolves expansion, “Destiny” players should not expect a weekly, Nightfall or daily activities to be online.

The last “Destiny” reset, according to VG 24/7, may be the one for May 12, at least before House of Wolves is released. The Nightfall for this week involves Omnigul and Arc burn. Modifiers will be the Lightswitch and the juggler. The strike will be The Will of Crota, while the Heroic will require juggling weapons, but no burn.

"Destiny" House of Wolves expansion dev diary (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)

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